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Exmouth LETS uses a virtual currency, called the Cockle. All services are priced at the rate of 10 Cockles per hour. For the purposes of pricing goods, 1 Cockle can be regarded as the rough equivalent of £1. To help you start trading, new members are credited with 10 Cockles. Your account does not need to be in credit for you to trade.






public directory The public directory shows all the offers / requests avaliable on the system. However, it does not show any member or personal information.
Offer / Request Category Description / Details
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Handmade pottery (E,Q)
offer Business/Office LETS administration (E)
offer Business/Office Newsletters (E)
offer Catering/Food Homemade soup (A)
offer Domestic/Family Hair cuts (amateur)
offer Transport Transport (A)
offer Gardening/Horticulture Gardening (A)
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople/deliveries
offer Domestic/Family Occasional help for cleaning / or another pair of hand to help with cooking or at a party
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding/sitting
offer Languages/Translation Short French to English translations/interpreting
offer Clothing/Textiles Simple sewing (eg buttons, hems)
offer Business/Office Typing
offer Gardening/Horticulture Removing garden waist - I have a trailer.
offer Domestic/Family Extra pair of hands
offer Repairs/Maintenance Small flat pack furniture assembly (not kitchen units)
offer Repairs/Maintenance Electric screwdriver hire
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment PA Hire for small events/venues
offer Technical/IT FREE help with LETS website
offer Domestic/Family Walking partner- Sightseeing companion - Occasional keeping company /help to someone housebound
offer Catering/Food Homemade chutney (A)
offer Domestic/Family Childcare (E,Q) CRB check, Cert Ed.
offer Creative Arts/Crafts craft tuition, knitting, card making, sewing
offer Health/Therapies Makeup makeovers
offer Health/Therapies Eyebrow plucking
offer Domestic/Family Personal clothes shopper
offer Health/Therapies Shoulder massage
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Car sketches
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Photo collages
offer Domestic/Family Waiting in for tradespeople/deliveries
offer Domestic/Family Clutter clearing
offer Health/Therapies Reflexology
offer Business/Office Accurate typist
offer Tuition Fermentation for beginners
offer Business/Office Proof-reading
offer Business/Office Writing press releases
offer Business/Office Occasional general office help
offer Languages/Translation French conversation/ tuition (Being a native) Help with French visitors /guests
offer Catering/Food Cooking meals/other catering in your home
offer Domestic/Family Chess partner
offer Tuition Cooking lessons
offer Transport Occasional driver
offer Tuition CV/Jobsearch help
offer Repairs/Maintenance hire of various tools including water jetter
offer Catering/Food Fudge
offer Catering/Food Ice-cream maker(minimum 2 litres)
offer Tuition Conversational French
offer Catering/Food Home-made desserts
offer Catering/Food Cakes
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain and blind making
offer Domestic/Family childcare
offer Creative Arts/Crafts posters, designs murals and crafts (not IT designs)
offer Clothing/Textiles repairs and small projects
offer Transport Occasional day time to & from : Doctor, Church, Station, etc in Exmouth only
offer Gardening/Horticulture Sailing tuition
offer Miscellaneous advice re social care or child care
offer Gardening/Horticulture Taking items to the recycling centre in my trailer
offer Creative Arts/Crafts Stained and fused glass work
offer Tuition Social media help
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding whilst on holiday
offer Miscellaneous Board games partner/player
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Megaphone for hire
offer Local errands i.e. collecting or returning library books, shopping
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans Trailer hire
offer Secondhand Goods/Loans mechanics tool hire
offer Sports/Social Windsurfing tuition
offer Catering/Food Cold Smoking: fish garlic cheese
offer Repairs/Maintenance Carpet cleaning
offer Tuition Rag rugging - individuals/groups (A, Insured)
offer Clothing/Textiles curtain alterations/making
offer Tuition Homework help and tuition (E,Q-Cert Ed)
offer Domestic/Family Cat feeding
offer Performing Arts/Entertainment Placards & banners for hire
offer Technical/IT Programming
request Gardening/Horticulture Garden planning advice/help
request Gardening/Horticulture Plants (veg/herbs/flowers for planters)
request Health/Therapies Life coaching
request Domestic/Family Ironing
request Domestic/Family Oven cleaning
request Performing Arts/Entertainment Guitare lessons
request Domestic/Family Window cleaning
request Domestic/Family Cleaning brass
request Domestic/Family Catsitting
request Creative Arts/Crafts Greetings cards/wrapping
request Clothing/Textiles Curtain making
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations
request Catering/Food Bread, cakes
request Catering/Food Fish
request Catering/Food Honey, eggs
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes altering
request Miscellaneous Cat and chicken care if I am away
request Languages/Translation Norwegian tuition
request Catering/Food Home-grown fruit and vegetables
request Catering/Food Fruit and veg
request Health/Therapies Alternative therapies
request Domestic/Family Home-grown veg/fruit
request Repairs/Maintenance Small DIY jobs
request Health/Therapies Reflexologie
request Tuition clarinet tuition
request Health/Therapies Massage
request Health/Therapies Homoeopathy
request Health/Therapies Manicure
request Repairs/Maintenance Car tyre pressures & minor checks
request Repairs/Maintenance Occasional car wash
request Technical/IT computer training
request Gardening/Horticulture Holiday garden-watering
request Health/Therapies reflexology
request Health/Therapies massage/relexology
request Domestic/Family hoovering, dusting
request Technical/IT IT tuition
request Domestic/Family Foot massage
request Homemade wine
request Fruit/veg
request Technical/IT Website preparation and overview
request Large old bookcase
request Health/Therapies Osteopathy or chiropractic
request Business/Office Press & Publicity Officer
request Business/Office Fund raisers
request Catering/Food homemade wine
request Transport Occasional chauffeur
request Domestic/Family Home hair cuts
request Health/Therapies Haircuts
request Health/Therapies Manicure/pedicure
request Health/Therapies Facials/waxing
request Health/Therapies Massage/reflexology
request Repairs/Maintenance Picture framing
request Tuition German lessons
request Manufacture/Building DIY
request Clothing/Textiles Clothes alterations
request Catering/Food Windfall apples
request Health/Therapies pedicure and manicure
request Repairs/Maintenance Decorating (Buddy decorating!)
request Gardening/Horticulture Watering garden
request Space/Accommodation Exmouth Holidays

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